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Free Gifts From ATC

Purchase any tonneau and receive all four gifts free with purchase.

Tailgate Seal

The American Tonneau Tailgate Seal keeps dust, rain, and snow out of your truck bed. Its universal length will fit all makes and models of trucks. Easy, do-it-yourself installation and can be completed in just minutes: just peel, cut and stick!

Tonno Tonic

Using an effective UV screening formula, Tonno Tonic has been tested and approved by American Tonneau Company as 100% safe for all vinyl tonneau materials. It's a must have for protecting your tonneau against harsh weather conditions. To use, spray onto a clean tonneau. Wipe surface with a clean towel until completely dry. Tonno Tonic will not harm painted surfaces.

Cargo Retriever

The Cargo Retriever extends your reach the entire length of the truck bed. From the tailgate you can easily handle items near the cab, or objects that have slid out of reach. The Cargo Retriever can be stored conveniently on the side of the bed with clips that mount on to the rails of your tonneau cover.

Safety Hammer

The Safety Hammer is the perfect tool to have in any vehicle. Should you find yourself in any emergency situation that requires a quick exit from your car or truck, use the hammer to cut the seat belt and break the window.